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Personal Training

Is P.T. Right For You?

Have a goal you need help to achieve?

Do you have a fitness goal? A strength goal? A weight loss goal? Or perhaps you just know you want to be a bit more active. What you need is one of our friendly, local personal trainers.

We have 2 excellent local personal trainers who can train you in our gym. Click on their links below to contact them direct and find out more about their services and pricing.

NB: If you wish to workout with any personal trainer in our gym please book your session in advance. Thank you.

Why use the services of a personal trainer?

  • Achieve your goals in fitness more efficiently.
  • Be confident that the training you are doing is specific to you.
  • Be sure you are motivated to stay on track and encouraged every step of the way.

The list goes on but if you would like to discuss how personal training could help you, we can recommend you arrange a private consultation to define your goals, outline a package of training and discuss the costs. You will then be able to decide if a personal trainer is right for you.

expert Trainers

Our Personal Trainer Associate

Savannah Sullivan, Personal Trainer using a rowing mchine
PT + Crossfit L1 Instructor

Savannah Sullivan

I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer offering specialised and personalised fitness programmes.

Click one of the blue icons above to contact Savannah.