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Prices and Memberships

All classes and gym sessions can be accessed on a pay-as-you-go basis at £4 per session or class, or with a Session Card, or with Monthly or Annual Membership (see below).

For regular users multi-use cards are available offering a discount on the pay-as-you-go price.

For regular users of the gym and/or classes monthly and annual membership is available.

£30 per month by standing order - Cheaper per class/gym session than a 16 session ticket if you attend more than 10 times per month. This gives unlimited access to the gym or any of our classes.

£300 per year - Best value of all; £5 per month cheaper than monthly membership.

The cards are not time limited and can be used when and how it suits.

Sessions (Includes gym session or fitness class) Price
1 (Pay as you go) £4.00
4 Session Card £15.00
(£3.75 per session)
8 Session Card £28.00
(£3.50 per session)
16 Session Card £48.00
(£3 per session)
Monthly Membership Annual Membership
£30.00 per calendar month by Standing Order
(Cheaper per session than a 16 session card if you attend more than 10 times per month)
£300.00 per year
(Best value of all; £5 per month cheaper than monthly membership)

Sports Hall Prices - Please call to check availability or to book

Full hall: £26 per hour

Half hall: £15 per hour

Quarter hall: (1 badminton court): £8 per hour

The informal clubs (badminton, basketball, kids' zumba & Jump with Jo) have their own charges please contact the groups or enquire at reception for details.

We accept payments in cash, or (over £10) by credit or debit card.