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Resistance Machines

Chest Press

A much safer option than the bench press, the chest press machine uses cables and pulleys and is on a fixed line of movement, the natural stability being particularly suitable to people with or recovering from shoulder injury.
Adjustment is a doddle; no changing weights on a barbell just move the pin from one weight to the other and keep on working out. Also possible is Single arm pressing a real no no with a weight bar.

Chest Press

Sitting Leg Press

Unlike many other leg exercises which target only one muscle, the sitting leg press targets a number of different muscles including your quadriceps, gluteus maximus, soleus, gastrocnemius, hamstrings and adductor magnus. The ability to stimulate multiple muscle groups makes the leg press a more efficient choice for leg, hip and bottom.
The stable sitting position leads to a much lower risk of injury than using weights and squats for the less experienced.

Leg Press

Leg Curl Machine

Great for toning the quads this couldn't be easier to use; just sit on, put your legs under the pads and lift!

Leg Lift

Free Weights

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The weights section of the Gym is equipped with a new power / squat rack and bench for safe lifting together with a range of free weights (dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells) and bars, including an Olympic bar.

Cardio-vascular Training

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We have a treadmill with a variety of built in fitness programs including hills, or you can walk, jog or run at your own pace and without the wind and rain to hinder.
We also have a brand new, state of the art AirRunner treadmill. Like running on air, but with a powerful amount of punch. This treadmill is like none you have ever known, burning up to 30% more calories than the average motorised version and built with intense training in mind. Tough on You, Easy on the Environment as it runs on your energy, with zero electrical consumption and a low carbon footprint. You’ll be amazed at what a hardcore workout can come from the power of your own two feet.

Two Concept2 rowing machines cater for the budding Steve Redgraves among you with 500m and 2km timed races amongst others. You can even rate yourself against an international leader board on the Concept2 website.

Cross Trainers which offer an intense all body work out whilst minimising impact experienced with running machines. The Cross Trainer incorporatess treadmill, stair stepper and bike into one.

An exercise bike is available for work on the thighs and to burn those extra calories whilst improving heart and lung function.

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